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For Men

Hair Removal

An excellent quick and efficient method of temporary hair removal usually lasting 4-6 weeks.

Half back wax: £20.50
Full back wax: £26.00
Half chest wax: £20.50
Full chest wax: £26.00
Eyebrow wax and shape: £9.50


To get maximum benefit and comfort from your facial it is advisable to shave as near as possible to your appointment.

Skin IQ Facial

Helping to calm irritation and minimize the signs of ageing, this facial is the ultimate overhaul for male skin. Incorporating Time Defence Wrinkle Delay and Time Defence Eye Reviver, this anti-ageing treatment protects against the harsh effects of shaving and environmental damage.

Treatment time: 1 1/4 Hours
Price: £67.00

Skin Specific Facial

A deep cleansing facial with massage and treatment mask to suit all skin conditions

Treatment time: 1 Hour
Price: £45.00

Taster Facial plus Steam

This facial is ideal for male skins with blocked pores, blackheads or a spotty complexion.

Treatment time: 3/4 Hour
Price: £38.00

Multi-Derm Facial

A quick deep exfoliating facial ideal for slightly drier skin.

Treatment time: 1/2 Hour

Price: £30.00

Back Cleanse With Steam

This treatment is deep cleansing and is ideal for problem skins.

Treatment time: 1 hour
Price: £50.00

Ayurvedic Massage

The perfect massage for men with stressful lives. Full body massage including consultation.

Full body massage + Consultation

Treatment time: 1 Hour
Price: £49.00

Deep Tissue Massage

A slightly firmer massage good for muscle aches and pains.

Full body massage
Treatment time: 1 Hour
Price: £47.00

Back massage
Treatment time: 1/2 Hour
Price: £29.50


Massage of the feet to detoxify the body and promote well being.

Treatment time: 3/4 Hour
Price: £35.00

Indian Head Massage

An intense head, neck, face and shoulder massage that can be performed while you are seated and fully clothed.

Treatment time: 20 Minutes
Price: £29.50



Hands and Feet

A manicure can transform the whole appearance of your hands by improving the condition of your skin, nails and cuticles.

Manicure: £22.00
Pedicare: £21.50